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Alice Bellagamba was born in Jesi (AN) on the 1st November 1987. At six year old, begins artistic skating with the "Acli skating"  and reaching  good results both in the single  that in the couple: she was third at the Italian championships of couple and first  in the single "Acli Italian artistic skating championships".

At the age of nine years old  she also begins modern dancing  in her city at the gym "Line Club", with Carla Giacani and Romina Muzzi. Three years later she participates to a stage in Florence in the school of the "
Tuscany Ballet"  and the "Opus Ballet" , during which she was noticed by Daniel Tinazzi, a famous international choreographer. The following year, subsequently to a scholarship assigned her from the same school (under the direction of Cristina Bozzolini), Alice  moves in Florence where she attended the schools and  studied dance.

At the age of  fifteen years old  she stops the schools  for a  professional course of dance, but despite the appointments, she doesn't interrupt the studies and she succeeds in graduating. In the meantime she improves and she deepens her studies of dance with some famous  international teachers, like  Fabrizio Monteverde, Daniel Tinazzi, Eugenio Scigliano, Arianna Benedetti, Mauro Astolfi, Stefania di Cosimo, Domenique lesdema, Silvio Oddi, Steve La Chance and Mauro Bigonzetti.

In the year 2002, she has became a professional dancer in jouvenile company  of the
Tuscany Junior Ballett, under the some direction of Cristina Bozzolini.

At the fifth of october 2008,  Alice has became one of the pupils of more "spied and known"  Italian school of talents:  
Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Only remained dancer , at the ending of the television program,  she was classified fourth, in the eighth edition of
Amici di Maria Filippi. Won a  a scholarship assigned by Tezenis
Her debut was in the musical IO BALLO  under  the direction of Chicco Sfondrini and Patrick Rossi Gastaldi,  with the choreographies of Garrison Rochelle, the "professionals" and the "boys and girls" of the TV programme: Amici di Maria de Filippi. She  participated  in the Amici Tour in the most important  italian city

She was  noticed by the director Rossella Izzo, for the new fiction of Channel 5:

On 5th june 2009, she becomes free testimonial for the Foundation "G. SALESI ONLUS", making her own image " available... with the goal to express the joy and the strength of the life.. "  for the research and the improvement of the quality hospital accomodation  for the children and their families,  and for the social support for women and children in conditions of uneasiness.

Always in 2009 she is the protagonist of the film "BALLA CON NOI - LET'S DANCE" by
Cinzia Bomoll. The film will be in exit in the cinema rooms in the 27th of may 2011. In 2010 it begins the studies of recitation with  Francesca Viscardi Leonetti.
In June 2010 she dubuted on stage  with "Non ci posso fare niente" drawn by the letter novel of C. de Laclos "Dangerous Liaisons ", by  
Francesca Viscardi Leonetti.

Always in 2010 she works in the fiction of the italian TV - Canale 5 "Anna e i 5 - the new series", by
Franco Amurri.

From October of the same year she begins the new TV series of Channel 5 "Non smettere di sognare" by
Roberto Burchielli. The series will be transmitted in TV  from March 2011

Contemporarily with " Non smettere di sognare", she will begin the RAI 1  television series  "Provaci ancora prof. 4" by
Tiziana Aristarco.

Also for RAI1 and produced by LUXVIDE directed by Giacomo Campiotti, in 2012, in Tunisia she worked in the drama " Mary of Nazareth " in the role of Salome .

Still in 2012 , she began filming the sitcom of 24 episodes, produced by LUXVIDE for DEA, in the role of the main character, "Talent high school - The dream of Sofia" .

Her experience continues in the same year with of the second season of fitcion RAI1, produced by LUXVIDE directed by Riccardo Donna , " A Step from Heaven 2" next to Terence Hill, Katia Ricciarelli , Francesco Salvi, Bermani Gaia Amaral , and others .

In 2013 , Alice is the protagonist of the second season of the sitcom produced by LuxVide for DeAgostini : "Talent high school 2 - The dream of Sofia" . In October of the same year, presents the grand gala of the sixth edition of the international festival of short films : "Corti and Cigarettes "

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